Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plein Air Marathon

These past 5 days have been a painting marathon for artists participating in Germanton Gallery's Annual "Painting North Carolina" paint out.

I spent Friday through Monday in the Beaufort, NC, area painting and got very lucky with the weather. Friday when I arrived it was perfect and stayed that way through Saturday. Here are some of the pieces I did during the two sunny days I had.
Up On Stilts

Don's Green Boat

 The boats in this yard was being stored or repaired. This green boat was just taking a rest in the yard for awhile.  A couple I met have been working on and living in their boat for 2+ years. They began in Maine and then had sailed to the Bahamas. They came to Beaufort and their boat was in need of a lot of repair so there they sit until it's finished!  They told us that the owner of the green boat was an 80-something guy named Don and that he, along with some help, had built this boat. Pretty amazing people.

Marshallberg Cottage

Marshallberg Harbor  12x12 Oil

Marshallberg is an old harbor and town with a lot of history. I met a fisherman who sails a 90 foot boat catching fish and shrimp for a living. He told me that this big orange boat in the harbor had been a sister ship to the Presidential yacht. It has been sitting there for twenty years; two different men invested $1,000,000 each to restore it but neither succeeded. His best guest was that it would eventually be scrapped.

Germanton Art Gallery will host the opening of the show this Friday 5:00 - 8:00 pm. It is open to the public so hope to see you there. Saturday there will be artists painting around the outdoor area of the gallery from 10-4:00 as well.

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