Thursday, August 7, 2014

Plein Air Painting is to Golf as .....

I recently read an article declaring that Plein Air painting was the new golf.

I played golf before I had children-when I had free time. It was a good way to spend time with my husband, family and friends. I even got my Dad, who swore he would never play, addicted to the game.

Our best golf buddy, Mort.

Other things I liked about golf included being outdoors in a beautiful place, striving to improve, enjoying the satisfaction of small improvements over time, learning from more experienced golfers and stopping for a beverage afterward.
Based on this, I'd say these activities have a lot in common and Plein Air may just be the new golf.

Time spent painting outdoors is magical. Getting away from electronic gadgets and being close to nature is so refreshing. Taking in the beauty of the outdoors and getting lost in you work is a meditation like no other.

Painting in a dream garden.

Where you let it take you is your choice. Some paint for pure enjoyment, some like to share their work online or in exhibits, some love competition and a few go on to be pros and superstars. We all become frustrated from time to time when our work isn't our best but we also know the thrill of the day when you let go and a painting is created effortlessly.

This was one of those good days!

I say go out and buy the cheap clubs ... I mean easel ..  and a beginner's book or DVD and try it. If you love it, take a workshop and get some better equipment. Paint without fear and judgement and let it take you where it will.  As in all things, baby steps and repetition are required for learning.

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